The Art of Storytelling
October 29, 2018

Learning a fun way to integrate reading and writing, or public presentation practice! Mentors can prepare this activity in advance.

Materials needed:
  • 3 Bags or Envelopes
  • Paper and/or note cards
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Markers/colored pencils

On the small pieces of paper or note cards write multiple story-line ideas in three parts, each part on a separate paper or note card.

  1. Provide the format for how to tell the story (write a story, poem, song to later recite or sing, or write a screen play to later act out, draw a picture, create a dance)
  2. Provide the protagonist of the story (a dog, tourists, a football team, a dragon, Batman, a ghost, your parents, you)
  3. Set the scene (riding a dinosaur, fighting a bear, getting married, skiing, having a pillow fight, traveling in space)

Put all the #1’s into one bag or envelope, #2’s in another and #3’s in a third.

Ready to create with your mentee?

Ask your mentee to pick one paper or note card from each bag and develop as prescribed. Enjoy the creativity that is sparked!

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