Tell Your Friends About Seedling!
October 18, 2017

Seedling mentors are wonderful human beings, and we’re betting your friends are too! 

You are well attuned to the characteristics great mentors must have and are capable of recognizing those qualities in others.

Would you please take a moment right now to think about one person in your circle you could invite to consider serving as a Seedling mentor? The personal ask is the most effective recruitment tool, but social media can also be a meaningful way to engage your networks.

Here are a couple of samples that Seedling mentors have used this year:

Facebook: (Like the Seedling Foundation page!)

Mentoring my mentee today and can’t wait to see her sweet little smile. Seedling Foundation has so many kids like her on their waiting list…just waiting for someone like you and YOUR smile! Consider mentoring or donating to support other people who mentor. Trust me, there will be smiling involved! 

Twitter: (Follow us at @SeedFound!)

Want to #makeadifference? #Mentor! Mentees are less  #anxious/#depressed, have greater  #leadership skills & better academics. @SeedFound

Today, there are over 100 kids waiting for a Seedling mentor, and there are more opportunities for new mentors to attend Orientation. Please invite your friends to become a part of the great work you do by visiting us at or calling us at (512) 323-6371.

Thank you! 

~Seedling Staff

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