Seedling 2016-2017 Evaluation
November 18, 2017

View the 2016-2017 Seedling Mentor Program Annual Evaluation Report below.

Program Context
In central Texas, it was estimated that more than 8,000 children had a biological parent who was incarcerated in the four-county area of Travis, Williamson, Hays, and Bastrop (Pettit, 2017). This figure translated to 1 in 60 minors across the region.

Trauma, stigma, and shame stemming from parental incarceration have long lasting influence on children’s health and social behaviors. Using data from a national survey of children’s health, Turney (2014) found children of incarcerated parents had high rates of behavioral problems, speech and language delays, asthma, obesity, depression, and anxiety. They also had higher rates of attention deficits than those with parents missing because of death or divorce… READ MORE BELOW

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