Team Architect
October 31, 2018
A team game, where mentee and mentor work together, racing the clock, to build…..

The most _____________________________, _______________________________, and _______________________________ structure on the ____________________________.

Fill in the blanks above using these adjectives, or come up with your own

  • awesome
  • boss
  • intriguing
  • imaginative
  • inventive
  • pioneering
  • outrageous
  • joyful
  • crazy
  • unique
  • funny
  • bendy
  • weak
  • strong
  • incredible
  • whacky
  • unduplicated
  • fearless
  • outrageous
  • nutty
  • stunning
  • universe
  • school grounds
  • table
  • list of most dangerous
  • minds of all evil doers
  • parents
  • internet list of crazy

Your Objective: Build something together with the materials provided in the bag.

Desired Outcomes: Mutual feelings of encouragement, accomplishment, joy, stronger sense of teamwork and fun.

Prep Work
  1. Gather small, light weight items from around the house, or office you don’t mind parting with. Examples include: paper clips, tape, popsicle sticks, straws, sugar packets, marshmallows, toothpicks, Lego pieces, pipe cleaners, sticky notes, etc. (You get the idea).
  2. Put the items in a bag or container to carry with you to your mentor meeting.
  1. Invite your mentee to join you in building a structure in an agreed amount of time (example, 10 minutes). Use your phone clock or watch to keep time. Be sure to end at agreed amount of time, as there is fun in the urgency to finish before the buzzer.
  2. Complete the description sentence above to describe the structure you are about to make.
  3. Work together to decide on the structure design and use the materials in the bag to build it.
  4. When complete, review your structure, assessing if it meets your description. If not, recreate the description.
  5. Invite your mentee to share feelings about what they enjoyed the most about building together; what he/she likes the most about the structure, what he/she might do differently next time.

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