Create A Bucket List
October 29, 2018

Made popular by the movie The Bucket List, this alternative way to set goals is a fun way
for youth to think about things they would like to do before they reach a certain age!
This activity can help your mentee discover new ideas, hobbies or educational
aspirations, as well as a great strategy to get to know what they are thinking about.

  • Define bucket list for your mentee, a list of things you would like to accomplish before a certain period of time, or age.
  • When making his/her list, encourage your mentee to think outside the ordinary and write down anything that sounds interesting for the first draft. As they build the list, use encouragement, good humor and a bit of reality to help your mentee fine tune and edit.

This activity can lead to your mentee setting goals and putting forth the time and energy to achieve them.



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