Writing Showcase 2021 “Happiness Is…”
May 21, 2021

Happy is…

my happiness is your smile, my sadness is your tear 

my heart is you, let’s be together on this new year

it’s such a joy to feel so happy

your heart sings your feet dance

your mind sails in the Wind.

The world is light, you float on a breeze 

the world moves to the rhythm  of your joy, 

every note is sung With the voice of contentment.

Crazy, beautiful…

I think of, when Shadows slant 

because that was a beautiful cry

different, wants to, can, but

at least the Angels try.

Savannah – 5th grade

Alejandra’s Happiness

“Happiness is going to new places. I am the happiest when I go to the pool, the mall, Austin Park and Pizza, and Six Flags. I want to go to New York and to Australia. I also want to go to Washington D.C.

I also am happy when I go to art class and color. Last time, I painted a butterfly. What makes me the happiest is when I get Takis chips, Starbucks, and Dunkin Donuts. My birthday also makes me happy.” 

Alejandra – 3rd grade

“Happiness is the key to life.  Happiness makes you a better person, you don’t think about bad things.”

Edward – 6th grade

“Happiness is when you’re smiling and you’re doing something you love or seeing someone you love, like my grandmother. We went to the store and got a lot of stuff then we went to my tata’s house that is who I call my ant and we ate then came home. I also love playing with my dog and on my phone and watching tv.”

Julissa – 5th grade

Happiness is…

“Happiness is fun and learning a lot. We use happiness to feel good, to have energy, and to make our bones feel good.”

Rashelle – 2nd grade

“Happiness for me is when I’m with my family and they make me smile.  When I think about happiness, I also think about art.  Art can help people express their feelings especially when they don’t have another person to talk to.  When you see a painting, the artist has expressed their feelings inside the painting. 

Happiness is also skateboarding.  On a skateboard I feel like all my problems are floating away.  Additionally, reading books makes me happy.  When I’m reading it helps me distract myself from the real world.  When I’m going through tough times, I find reading relaxing.”

Ana – 7th grade

A Blazing Birthday 

“My birthday began as a regular Thursday at school. I handed out invitations to Blazer Tag to my friends. We all got some laser guns and blasted each other. Then we played Spin the Wheel. Me and my friend got the jackpot and split the tickets.

I felt happy because I got to play with my friends. 

After the games, we ate pizza. I was playing with my family and friends and I beat them in laser tag. The reason this was my favorite day was because I got to share my happiness with the people I love.”

Amaury – 4th grade

“Playing my Xbox makes me happy. I enjoy these games because I win in Fortnight or Call of Duty. Out of those two games, I prefer Call of Duty. I prefer Call of Duty over Fortnight because of the game itself. I’ve been playing Call of Duty for about a year. 

What I like about Fortnight is my ability to play very well. I’ve been playing Fortnight for about two and half years.” 

Nelson – 4th grade

▪ ☺ Happy ☺ ▪

☺ Happy, Happy Is This Feeling That Has My Eyes Beaming!

☺ It Makes Me Shine As Bright As A Smile.

☺ I Feel Happy Everyday And Not Just For A While.

☺ Hey You Reading This Poem!

☺ Are You Feeling Sad Or Mad Or Some Emotion Other Than Happy?

☺ Well, Why Then?

☺ You’re Perfect And Glamorous The Way You Are!

☺ The Feeling Of Happiness Is Great!

☺ Experience It, But Not Alone, Silly! With Me!

☺ We Can Be Happy Together!

☺ And I Would Be Glad To Spend My Every Hour Of Time To Be Happy With You!

☺ If You’re Depressed, Don’t Worry. We Will Get Through It Together!

☺ I’m On Your Side All The Time!!!

☺ So You, The One Who Reads My Poem…

☺ I Hope You Know You’re Not Alone!

☺ There’s Alway Open Arms, Sometimes You Have To Find Them!

☺ You Just Found One Open Pair Of Arms. Me! 🙂

Melina  – 6th grade

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