What Does Your Mentee Say About You?
July 5, 2018

Among the many aspects of the Seedling Mentor Program that help us maintain the high standards of excellence is the rigor of our comprehensive annual program evaluation. An external researcher analyzes the results of on-line surveys of mentors, teachers, and School Contacts. We also look to see what trickle-down outcomes there may be in terms of attendance rates, behavior profiles, and achievement scores. The full report for 2016-2017 is available at seedlingmentors.org.

We’ve pulled some of the most poignant glimpses from the surveys of students. Please enjoy these affirmations.

“Since meeting with your mentor, have there been any [positive] changes in your…

  • 82% Interest in doing things
  • 78% Relationships with others
  • 75% Ability to talk about your feelings
“The best thing about my mentor is…”

There are so many things but she keeps her promises.

When things happen and I tell him
I can always trust him.

My mentor makes me feel that I am a smart person in school and
she believes that I can do it.

He is funny and kind.

She is cool and kind and she is caring too.

He says what he is going to do and then he does it.

She always listens to what I have to say.

Students are asked what one thing they would change about their mentor.

One interesting theme each year continues to be that a small number of students wish their mentors came on a different day of the week. If your schedule permits some flexibility, consider exploring this topic with your mentee.

It is a compelling statistic that the majority of the responses to what students would like to change about their mentor remains:

80% of the students responded that the thing they would change is some version of “nothing at all” or expressed a wish that their mentors would come more often.

  • 94% When something is bugging me, my mentor listens while I talk about it.
  • 96% My mentor helps me take my mind off things by doing something with me.
  • 96% My mentor is always interested in what I want to do.
  • 92% When I am with my mentor I feel important.
  • 96% When I am with my mentor I feel happy.

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