Visualize Your Life!
April 19, 2024

Have you ever created a Vision Board?  A collage of images, pictures, and affirmations of your dreams and all of the things that make you happy, it can also be called a dream catcher, treasure map or vision map. 

Vision boards are a great way to explore your dreams!  Making a vision board can be another approach to setting goals, both short and long-term. Incorporating tactile and visual texture using pictures and words can bring your dream to life.  

To get started, gather magazines, newspapers, or advertisements for pictures and printed words. You will need scissors, a poster board or construction paper, tape, and a glue stick. When complete, your vision board will be a motivator and colorful window into your hopes and dreams. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose the theme of your vision board. Some ideas include:
    • What makes me happy?
    • Things I want to do!
    • Where and how I will live when I grow up?
  2. Keeping your chosen theme in mind, cut out pictures and words that represent the theme.
  3. Allow yourself to be creative and dream big!
  4. Glue or tape the pictures on your board.  

Here is a link for more ideas on How to Make a Vision Board

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