The Power of Sharing
October 2, 2019

Many mentors believe their Seedling experience must be kept confidential. While the identity and specifics about your mentee like their full name and family information must be kept private, we want you to share your story! Telling others about your experience helps spread Seedling’s mission.  We are always seeking more dedicated volunteers like you, and there is nothing more powerful and moving than heartfelt personal testimony!

How you can share your Mentoring story?

Write down or record a short, landscape video of yourself sharing what mentoring means to you by,

  • Describing your mentoring experience and how it has impacted your life.
  • Sharing a favorite mentoring story that brings a smile to your face.
  • Describing how and why you decided to become a mentor with Seedling

Send your stories to

Be a Seedling ambassador!

Seedling staff is a small crew, but we have over 650 mentors! We want to make the most of the enormous scope and influence of our mentors by sharing the Seedling mission with your personal communities.  This is an easy and informal way to spread the word about the work of Seedling.

Points to remember/highlight: 

  • Matches are made at schools in Austin ISD, Del Valle ISD, Pflugerville ISD, Hays Consolidated ISD, and a few KIPP campuses.
  • Seedling can always use more bilingual mentors, specifically Spanish, and male mentors
  • The list of partner schools is ever-changing, so while we can’t promise one particular school is available, we are usually able to match mentors within 15 min of their workplace/daytime address
  • No special skills required — we’re just looking for folks who can be a friend to a child
  • One hour commitment, once a week, for one school year

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