Strategies For Engaging Your Mentee In Meaningful Discussion
October 2, 2019

How can I get my mentee to talk more?  This thoughtful question asked by mentors is usually followed by recounts of open ended questions going unanswered, or mentees who don’t talk or look their mentor in the eye.  It can be uncomfortable to sit in silence as few words are exchanged. But take heart, this is not uncommon. As mentors, it is important to remember that we must meet the mentee where they are.  Their age, developmental stage, their mood the day you are visiting, their temperament, all of these must be considered when you arrive each week to mentor. Relationships take time and effort, for some more than others.  Seedling understands this and suggests proven techniques to help you through this experience. Remember, you are not alone. Your Mentor Director is happy to talk to you about how to best engage your mentee. 

Please review these Communication tips from Seedling’s Mentoring Guide

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