Seedling 2018 Angels & Advocates Award
May 24, 2018

On May 24th, 2018, Mike Metschan was awarded the 2018 Angels & Advocates Award from Seedling.

The Angels & Advocates Award is presented annually to recognize the extraordinary contributions by an individual or entity whose advocacy, support or public action has improved the lives of children who have incarcerated parents.

Mike got involved in civic activities early on in his career.  He served as Vice Commodore and later Commodore and President in the Austin Aqua Festival and was a 25 year member of the Rotary Club.  Early in is civic activity career, Mike attended a luncheon where a speaker talked about mentoring a child in elementary school.  Mike decided pretty quickly that he could have lunch, one day a week, with a student.  He was matched with a 1st grader named “John”.

Mike was immediately hooked on mentoring.  He took it upon himself to contact representatives from local child serving agencies to learn more about the effects of poverty on children and their development.  He went on to work with Leslie Airth, the Director of Mentoring for the State of Texas.

Mike followed John through seven elementary schools, four middle schools and three high schools.  Mike told John’s elementary school teachers he there were three things he hoped to see John achieve. He hoped John would graduate from High School, become gainfully employed and successfully support himself throughout his adult life.  His elementary school teachers didn’t think all three would happen.  But they did. John is now 31 years old, is employed as a nurse at a local hospital.  He and Mike continue to speak regularly about every six weeks.

Mike continues his civic activities today as a current Seedling Mentor and Board Member.

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