New Year’s Goal Setting
December 15, 2023

The start of the New Year is a great time to collaborate with your mentee about goals and envisioning the future. Talk to your mentee about some things they’d like to accomplish this year, in school or in their personal lives. To kick off the brainstorming process, help your mentee come up with a list of areas where they’d like to grow. Encourage them to choose one thing on the list they feel confident they can work towards and achieve in a reasonable amount of time. 

Goal setting can be a worthwhile activity at any age, as long as it is achievable.  Using the “Smart” method will help.

Is it Specific?
Is it Measurable?
Is it Attainable?
Is it Reasonable?
Is it Timely?

Looking for some ideas for age appropriate goals? Here are a few suggestions for starters:

  • I will invite someone I don’t usually play with to play at recess (older kid version: sit with me at lunch)
  • I will try a new food
  • I will read a book about a new topic (or I will read a new genre of book)
  • I will try a new activity (maybe a sport or board game)
  • I will learn a few phrases in a new language
  • I will try out for something new (sport, play, class council)

Share the goal setting sheet with your mentee and support them as they complete their plan in setting their goal.  Check in with them each week to discuss their progress.  Celebrate their efforts!

Goal setting with your mentee is a great opportunity to teach planning, discipline, resilience, and the benefits of trying new things in a way that is less daunting. You can role model this by joining your mentee on this journey, too. If you’re feeling stuck on ideas, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Mentor Director for help.

Click here for printable PDF.

Click here for printable PDF.

Click here for printable PDF.


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