My Study Plan
July 3, 2018

Preparation and having a plan in mind is vital to successful studying. Not unlike goal setting, devising the: who, what, when and where of studying can support your success. Together with your mentor, talk through the points below and put them to test. Refine and edit for each study session, as necessary. Strategizing your study habits and putting the plan into practice will bolster your success in school and life.

Who can help me if I get stuck on an assignment? (Example: teacher, parent, study buddy)


What do I need for studying? (Example: pen, paper, book, project supplies, class notes)


What is my timeline and or completion date? _____________________________________________________

When is the best time to study? (Are you thinking more clearly and focused right when you get home, or evening hours?)___________________________________________________________________________________

Where will I study? (Example: kitchen table, bedroom) ______________________________________________

Additional helpful habits:
  • Use outlines, charts or flashcards to help you organize and learn the material.
  • Keep track of your assignments in your organizer every day.
  • Take notes in class so you can refer back to them while studying.
  • Break your workload down into sections to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Begin studying for a test several days before the test date.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Determine if you need a snack break during study time and plan accordingly.


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