Important Update From Seedling’s Executive Director
September 3, 2019

Dear Seedling Mentors,

I am delighted to begin a new mentoring year with you. Thanks to your commitment and support, we started the year serving over 500 children affected by parental incarceration. As we continue to grow in number (our goal this year is to serve 700 children), we are also determined to remain a top-notch program. For this reason, one of the new systems we are implementing more widely this year is the use of a web-based Mentor Portal instead of the Seedling sign-in binder that many of you are accustomed to using at our participating schools. 

Some of you had the opportunity to use the Mentor Portal for the last two years to keep track of mentoring hours. This system, accessed from a phone, tablet or computer, provides our staff a more efficient way to track volunteer hours, which we can use to brag about how much you are doing for our children, for our community, and to report to donors just how much of a difference you are making. 

For those of you not yet using the Mentor Portal, we hope that when asked to make the switch we can count on your support and flexibility in learning to implement and use this new procedure. If you have any questions or concerns as you begin to use it, your Mentor Director will be happy to help. 

Thanks again for all you do as a champion for Seedling and for the children we serve!

Best regards,

Dan Leal
Executive Director

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