Have a Question? We’ve Got You, Mentor!
February 3, 2020

Whether you have a question or just need to brainstorm some mentoring ideas with us, Seedling has you covered.  We want you to rest assured that you are not alone on the mentoring journey, so every Seedling Mentor is assigned a Mentor Director. In addition, our monthly lunchtime trainings and “Mentor Minute” newsletter, offer hands-on information and the most up to date research in mentoring.  The Seedling website has a Current Mentors page where all of this helpful information is at your fingertips.  

Are you feeling unsure about how to spend the time you have with your mentee?  Click on the Activities button and scroll through our abundant list of suggested games and activities.

Are you wondering if what you are doing is making a difference? Click on the  Why We Mentor button to view the “What Does Your Mentee Say About You?” article, or “The Impact You Make.”

Are you feeling stuck on how to help your mentee open up and feel comfortable talking?  Click on the Communication button to read “Strategies for engaging your mentee in meaningful discussion” or “Mentoring and beautiful questions.”

Be sure to check out all the articles and videos on the Current Mentor Page.

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