Closure Activities
May 1, 2023

For End of Year (or for Relationship Closure)

There are many ways to say goodbye. If there is not something on this page that appeals to you, please feel free to reach out to your Mentor Director to brainstorm ideas.
  • Create a Memory Book together your mentee can have when you are finished. Your local craft store should
    have everything you need! Start with a blank book, you can add stickers, photos, quotes, school memorabilia,
    anything that represents your time together as mentor and mentee.
  • Write a poem together about mentoring. This can be silly or inspirational.
  • Write a letter to your mentee and express positive and confident hopes for his/her future.
  • Give a book to your mentee, age appropriate, something you know your mentee will enjoy. You can make a
    special book mark featuring a picture of you and your mentee.
  • Give your mentee a letter describing these 5 things: your favorite memory of your time together, what you
    noticed when you first met, what you see in him/her today, your hopes for your mentee, and what you admire
    most about your mentee.
  • Take a picture of the two of you and frame it. Give it as a sweet memory for your mentee to take with
  • Give a journal and encourage your mentee to record his/her summer adventures, or write poems or stories
    over the summer months.
  • Fill an inexpensive backpack with summer items such as sun screen, lip balm, a water bottle, crossword puzzle,
    or frisbee. If you are unsure about a certain item, check in with your Mentor Director.
  • Decorate a box together with pictures from magazines or just create wonderful art using markers. Fill the box
    with slips of paper where you have written ideas of things to do over the summer. For example, watch
    fireflies, listen to crickets, run barefoot in the grass, learn to juggle, etc. Or, fill it full of your favorite
    motivational quotes, and ask your mentee to read one each day.
  • Treat your mentee to his/her favorite food at your last visit and talk about the highlights of your year together.
    This could be a slice of pizza, hamburger or just dessert!
  • Having a meaningful conversation about your mentee/mentor relationship is a wonderful way to say goodbye
    if crafting something does not sound appealing. The most important message is that he/she is special and that
    you wish them the best.

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