2024 Mentor Appreciation Acknowledgement Roll Call
June 3, 2024

Mentors years one through four, your superpower of vision confirmed your hunch
You saw the need, heard the pitch, and said, “I’ll be there for lunch!”
Your powers help mentees see the best of themselves, whether child or teen
Mentors years one through four, stand up and be seen! 

For those who’ve reached the milestone of mentoring in year five
Your superpower of relatability makes your match come alive!
Familiar with games of strategy and imagination
Fifth-year mentors, please stand and accept this well-deserved ovation! 

Mentors years six through nine, you know the importance of never being late!
Your superpower of reliability is nothing less than first-rate!
Each week you carefully build trust and your diligence is clear
Now mentors years six through nine, stand and let us give you a cheer!

Tenth-year mentors know changes aren’t easy to foretell,
Here your superpower of adaptability serves you so well
You handle new schools, new schedules, and teen angst with such ease!
Tenth-year mentors, stand and take a much-deserved bow, please!

Mentors years eleven through fifteen, empathy is your superpower
Your friendship inspires long after the end of the lunch hour
You actively listen, support, and affirm with such care
Mentors years eleven through fifteen, stand and receive your fanfare!

Mentors years sixteen through nineteen, the upperclassmen of our crowd
Your superpower of commitment is a fine reason to be proud
You show up every year, undeterred when things get rough
Mentors years sixteen through nineteen, rise! You really know your stuff! 

We can’t forget all of the school partners who have played their part,
Your superpower is quite obvious, It’s your incredible, extraordinary, generous heart
For our gratitude and praise, you have no need to scour
All Seedling school partners stand and be recognized, it’s your hour!


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