Transitioning to Middle or High School? Let’s Go!
May 4, 2021

Thinking about your mentee’s journey to their new school in the fall? Your 5th or 8th grade mentee might be too, as they will be entering middle school and high school in just a few short months. The idea might be both exciting and a little scary for each of you, considering the remote year we have just experienced.  Our mentees may be a little rusty on their social skills, waking up and getting out of the house on time to meet the bus, or navigating crowded hallways. Talking about the changes that will be taking place ahead of time can help you both prepare for the transition in the fall.

A conversation you can begin with your mentee this month is about their expectations of middle or high school. To get you started, this chart highlights the many differences, from homework to lunch schedules, between elementary and middle school. A second article, Memories of Middle School as told by Middle School Students, will surely get your mentee excited about exploring middle school with you and prepare them for the adventure.  What to Know When Transitioning to High School can spark some conversation and perhaps even provide the opportunity to share your own memories of the move to 9th grade.

It is important to keep in mind, that while our expectations are that students will be returning to school in person this August, things can change over the summer.  We cannot predict what will happen, but we can remain hopeful that we will all have the opportunity to see our mentee’s shining faces in person, in the future.

If you have questions your Mentor Director is always a good source of support, information and resources.  Give them a call!

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