Substance Use and Mentoring
April 2, 2024

Phoenix House Texas, a nonprofit drug prevention program shared valuable information to Seedling Mentors at our March Training.  Their mission is to provide young people and their families vital education and life skills to avoid substance abuse.  While current research shows that reported drug use continues to hold below pre-pandemic levels (National Institute on Drug Abuse), there has been a dramatic rise in overdose deaths in the past 14 years, largely attributed to illicit fentanyl.  It is imperative that mentors are aware of the current trends and drug prevention education so that we can have meaningful conversations with our mentee  about the consequences of drug and alcohol use, if the need arises. Phoenix House assures us that you don’t need to be an expert to have an open, authentic conversation about mental health or substance use—and starting one can make a real difference. 

Please take some time to view the slide deck Current Trends and Prevention Phoenix House Texas presented.  You can also view the video recording of the training.  

Additional resources provided by Phoenix House:

A very special thanks to Marissa Vasquez,, for providing this valuable information to our mentors.

Additional source: Reported Drug Use..-National Institute on Drug Abuse


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