Seedling’s 2019 Scholarship Recipients
June 3, 2019

Through generous private donations, Seedling has had the privilege of offering our 8th grade mentees the opportunity to compete for a $5,000 scholarship for higher education, to be bestowed upon graduation and postsecondary enrollment.  We are delighted to announce that six Seedling mentees were awarded the prize this year. Following are some thoughts and declarations from Seedling Mentee 2019 winning essays.

Mentees say…

“My mentor gives me good advice, he is a friend who listens and doesn’t judge me.”

“My mentor has had a huge influence on me. She has helped me relieve stress I didn’t know I had.”

“I use to think of going to Berkeley University in California to become a Marine Biologist was just a dream, now I plan on making it a reality.”

“After graduation, I would like to go to an academically competitive college like Rice, Princeton or Harvard.”

Mentors say…

“Through all of the moves of schools and life experiences, my mentee has kept her positive spirit and determination to do her best!”

“My mentee is a resilient young woman who is destined to go places. She has inner confidence and the belief that everything can be figured out.”

Fulfilling the promise we saw in them four years ago, five graduating Seedling Scholarship recipients, whose essays were chosen in 2015, are embarking on their journey of higher learning.  Two of our seniors plan to attend Blinn College and three will begin at ACC with plans to transition to four year universities to pursue their degree. Congratulations seniors!

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