Seedling Scholarship Awardees Congratulations!
May 28, 2021

Our 8th Grade Seedling Scholarship is awarded through a competitive process in which a selection committee reviews mentees’ essays and a letter from their mentor. The $5,000 award is then held in trust, subject to graduation from high school and acceptance to the 2 or 4-year higher education, or professional training institution, of the recipient’s choice.  Applying for the Seedling Scholarship is an opportunity for our 8th grade mentees to visualize and plan for their future.  Seedling believes when someone believes in you, it is that much easier for you to believe in yourself and to achieve your educational goals.

Our 2021 8th grade awardees are:

  • Emily Guzman, mentored by Gail Van Winkle
  • Monica Salazar, mentored by Molly MacNeil
  • Wilbert Torres Lopez, mentored by Randy Mercer

Our 2017 awardees who are graduating seniors this year are:

  • Lawrence Brown, mentored by Kim Kass
  • Alysia Cruz, a 2018 recipient who is graduating a year early, mentored by Bea Benson
  • Carolina Marin, mentored by Nan Guslander
  • Nevaeh McNeil, mentored by Sharon Hamilton
  • Eberardo Trejo, mentored by Tina Richardson

In addition to honoring this year’s eighth grade awardees and graduating seniors, we also honor the eighth grade awardees who are now in 9th grade, and last year’s graduating seniors. 

Our 2020 awardees who are now in 9th grade are:

  • Neveah Boone, mentored by Megan Spencer
  • Kamille Edwards, mentored by Kelli Williams
  • Angie Hernandez-Banegas, mentored by Cara Burke
  • NaSyah Simpson, mentored by Sandra Pounds-Gray
  • Quincy Taylor, mentored by Andrew Ramon

Our 2016 awardees who graduated from High School last year are:  

  • Carlos Maradiago, mentored by Ashley Kimbell
  • Kaitlyn Mendez, mentored by Barbara Najera
  • Kacey Robledo, mentored by Heather Dalrymple

Congratulations to all of our scholarship winners and graduates!

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