Seedling Nurturing

I have a super handy app on my iphone, a life saver for any novice who enjoys growing plants. It is my go-to if my beloved flora is looking droopy or sad. All I have to do is pull up the app, snap a picture and presto, a specific Rx pops up to tell me how to care for and nurture it, at any stage of growth.  The app also provides in-depth research to increase my plant knowledge, helping me understand its needs.  As a volunteer mentor, I have often thought about how cool and helpful a similar app would be for mentoring!  If I were asking myself “why is my Mentee not engaging in conversation?” …Click…. A quick snapshot submission of a distant looking child, and the remedy is at my fingertips.  If I felt helpless because my Mentee was talking about being bullied at school…Click, and the app gives me plenty of ideas on how I can best support them!  

While this magical app might exist someday, it doesn’t just yet.  However, Seedling mentors do have the next best thing, and that is the ongoing support and information provided through Seedling.  The friendly Seedling staff who calls and emails you, encouraging you to talk about your Seedling mentoring experience is your Mentor Director.  Remember they are just a phone call away if you need support or have a mentoring question.  

Have you visited our Seedling website lately?  This is also a fantastic tool always available for your use!  On the dashboard at the top of our webpage, the second word “Mentor” drops down and the final line is “Current Mentors.”  As you scroll down the Current Mentors page you will find a collection of short training videos and helpful topics leading to brief articles that will increase your skills and share knowledge that will support your mentoring journey. Designed to bring you the most current information we can share, the articles found here are from Seedling’s Mentor Minute newsletters and recaps of our monthly trainings.  So, while it may take a few extra clicks to get the mentoring support you need, Seedling has got you covered.  We look forward to talking to you soon!

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