Ready, Set, Goals!
February 2, 2021

It is heartwarming to reconnect with our mentees each school year.  The feeling that bubbles up when we see their face appear for that first meeting of the school year is nothing short of delightful.   Seeing their face and hearing how they are doing feels like a long awaited success, and it is!  Each meeting is a victory, and as it continues consistently, mentors can begin planning how to make the most of their time together.  While building the relationship and being a trusted friend is our highest objective, we are also in a position to support our mentee in setting and achieving goals, no matter how small.  So, as your  meetings progress, consider approaching the topic of goal setting with them and encourage your mentee to challenge themselves!

You can begin by revisiting goals they may have been working towards last year.  Did they complete their goal?  Is it still something they would like to achieve?  You might find that last year’s goals are no longer relevant and your mentee has something new in mind.

Goal Setting can be a worthwhile activity at any age, as long as it is achievable.  Using the “Smart” method will help.

Is it Specific
Is it Measurable
Is it Attainable
Is it Reasonable
Is it Timely?

Help your mentee generate a list of things they would like to learn or improve upon.  Encourage them to choose one thing on the list they feel confident they can work towards and achieve in a reasonable amount of time.  Share the goal setting sheet with your mentee and support them as they complete their plan in setting their goal.  Check in with them each week to discuss their progress.  Celebrate their efforts!

Mentors can have goals too!  Set your goal to complete this checklist each time you meet to insure each mentoring visit is a success;

  • Say something encouraging to make your mentee smile
  • Engage in a fun activity with your mentee during your meeting
  • Encourage your mentee to tell you about, or teach you something they are learning
  • Before you leave, confirm your next meeting, ensure your mentee writes it down
  • Ask your mentee what they would like to do during the meeting next time
  • After your meeting, reflect on how it went and what you can improve upon

Click here for printable PDF.

Click here for printable PDF.

Click here for printable PDF.


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