Mentor Support Lunches
February 26, 2024

Each February, Seedling hosts Mentor Support Lunches (both virtually and in person), giving mentors an opportunity to meet each other, share mentoring experiences, and offer support to their fellow mentors. Guided by prompts to get at the heart of their experience, mentors shared stories that reinforced the value of practicing patience, trusting the process, learning to listen without judgment, and experiencing real connection. Furthermore, most revealed they are getting much more out of the match than they originally imagined.  

If you were unable to join us for one of these gatherings, our mentors shared that this experience was beneficial in so many ways.  One mentor remarked, “Hearing that other mentors are having some of the same challenges I am having with my mentee helps me see it’s not just me!  I learned from how they navigated the challenge.”  New mentors shared, “it is helpful getting support from our Seedling mentoring community.”  Another mentor spoke about how by volunteering with Seedling for many years, she has benefitted from meeting such a diverse, caring, big hearted group of people.

Following are the guiding questions Mentor Directors asked to get the conversations going.  Please take a moment to ask yourself a few of the questions.  Better yet, pick one or two and talk to a friend or your Mentor Director about your Seedling Mentoring experience.

  • What sparks joy within your match? 
  • What is something your mentee has taught you?
  • Name a moment of connection (aka an aha moment) with your mentee. What was being discussed? What was the topic? 
  • What is a challenging situation you’ve been faced with and how did you move through it?
  • How do you manage the ups/downs of the mentor/mentee relationship? 
  • What keeps you going as a Seedling Mentor?

We are so thankful for all of our mentors who participated.  We will resume our Monthly Trainings virtually, on March 27th.  Hope to see you there!

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