Following your Mentee to Middle and High School
August 29, 2023

Middle School Shift

Is your mentee entering their first year in Middle School  this year? Last month, Seedling presented a special training just for you, mentor! The “Middle School Shift” highlights school differences, developmental characteristics of this age group, and what to expect as you follow your mentee into middle school.  If you missed it, please check out the PowerPoint, as well as this short video, before you visit your mentee this year. Your Mentor Director will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

High School Shift

Is your mentee a new 9th grader this year?  If so, please take a moment to review our High School Shift Training PowerPoint. We have compiled helpful information to remind you that high school can be challenging and exciting. Your friendship and support can help your new High School mentee adjust and thrive in their new environment! If you haven’t already, please read Hello High School and ask your Mentor Director if you have any questions.

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